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Do This First

This is an overview of some of the first things you should look into when getting your scooter. Anything from preventative maintenance to parts and tools. Most of the things touched base in this article will eventually have a more in depth tutorial on this site to help you along […]

Trickle Charge Install

A  much easier way to keep your battery always charged is to go this route, however if you have the other parts available already then go that route. Or follow the first one for a cleaner and more useful setup since it also allows you to use USB for your […]

Trail Tech Vapor Install

  Contributor: Cobie Szigety   First you will need the Vapor speedo. part numbers are Siver 75-603. Black 752-603. These are the part numbers for the models used in this how to. If you buy another part number the install may be different. Silver version Trail Tech Vapor Computer Black […]

Single Sided Swingarm

  Contributor: Cobie Szigety This is how to remove the large bracket on the right side of the bike.   *****Now we always suggest to get the Hub and Short axle from MonsterGY6 to go single sided. Be it you have a 50cc or 150cc. Its just much safer. That […]

Shorten Stock Air Intake

  This is a simple and fairly quick Mod you can do. First unscrew the bolts from the back of the air Can. You need a T25 for this. Then once the you have the can off remove the Coupling from the carburetor since you will replace it. Now you […]

Shaving Single Shock

  TO start these are some of the tools I used..   If your shaving the rear end make sure you have a big enough blanket that can cover the wheel and engine compartment to prevent fire from sparks hitting the carb area. Unscrew all the screws from the turn […]

Front Fender License Plate Bracket

*****DISCLAIMER***** A member of the Chuckus Life Facebook Group has posted that this mount failed on him while driving 55 mph. It could have been his brackets was weak or could be all brackets are weak..So FYI..something to think about.   The first thing most people do is immediately remove […]

Jordan’s Air Ride Setup

I have finally had a moment to sit down and do this so lets get to it and see those low scoots.===============================================================First off lets make a parts list. =============================================================== will need a Cylinder of course which will be your biggest thing. The website has a search function so type in […]

Install Integrated Tail-Light

  This How-To for for Integrated taillights Here is the wring on a Stock Maddog and Trike Wiring Scheme Stock wire colors on Maddog. Ground – Solid Green Running – Yellow Brake – Green w/ Stripe Blue – Right Turn Orange – Left Turn   Check the wiring diagram that […]

Install New Handlebars

Link to handlebars. For this How To you will need new 7/8 inch bars and new grips. First thing you need to do is remove the controls and levers off the stock bars. The Phillips head screws that hold these on are very easily stripped out so be careful. […]

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