Shaving Single Shock


TO start these are some of the tools I used..

If your shaving the rear end make sure you have a big enough blanket that can cover the wheel and engine compartment to prevent fire from sparks hitting the carb area.

Unscrew all the screws from the turn signals and tail light.. When taking the wires out of the main brake light its Ok to cut to remove. OR you can just disconnect the main wiring harness because you won’t need that anyway.

This is where you can disconnect and in case you want to ever go back.. which I doubt.. You can keep the other end and all the parts you just disconnected.. For me.. I shaved everything so there’s no going back lol..

Once everything is disconnected and off.. (Optional) start grinding..

I used some tennis racket grip tape for the rear end after priming it.. I just like the look.. Plus there would be no way to find this ugly orange paint anywhere to match.. I like it.. many won’t.. oh well..

When I get another disk I will smooth the shock mount a litte more..

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