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Batteries & Electrical

Take a look HERE for spark plugs. Below is a few options.




A7TC 3 electrode 


If you’re using a battery tender to maintain your battery when you’re not riding you should already have the quick connect wire hanging from your battery box. If you in fact have the plug then look up battery tender usb plug. It’s a simple usb adapter that connects to your existing wire and allows you to plug in a USB wire. It’s the most easiest and recommended way.

Lithium batteries are the new and upcoming, Battery Tender makes good quality lithium batteries, look for a BTL14A240 or Mighty Max ML-LI14A240C.

Lead Acid batteries are old faithfuls and is currently in your stock Maddog. For a good decent replacement look up a Mighty Max YTX-9BS.

CCA = Cold Cranking Amps, which breaks down to if you have a bigger motor than stock you may want a battery with more CCA to get it started easier.

Tenders will increase the life of your battery by making sure they’re always fully charged and ready to go when you want to ride.

Body & Frame

Yes, search for 7/8″ handlebar grips. Note: If you have a ncy bearing throttle the throttle tube makes it a 1″ needed and a 7/8″ on the other. In other words you will have to likely buy 2 sets. A 1″ set to fit the throttle and then a 7/8″ to fit the left side.

85″ extended brake cable.     75″ for throttle cable.

Keep in mind if you have a flat side carb (OKO) you will need a flat side throttle cable. If you have a NCY BEARING Throttle and a CVK carb you will need the kind that screws into the bottom of the throttle handle and not the kind that is held on by a bracket like the stock one.

Stock size handlebars are 7/8″. Most ruckus tree handlebar stems will fit a maddog. Some may require you to shave down the top of your battery box if they rub. Others may need a shim. It’s hard to promise what will work when these bikes are from China and each one is unique. For the most part however the ruckus stem you find should bolt right onto a maddog. Keep in mind if you go ape hangers you will need longer brake and throttle cables.

If you’re like many who’re over 5’10 you may need a longer seat so that you sit back a little farther. Cajun Maddogs an Icebear dealer can get you an extended seat which comes stock on a Maddog Trike. See HERE for options. Maddog and Ruckus have the same exact seat, in other words if you find a seat cover for a Honda Ruckus it should fit your Maddog.

Engine & Transmission

Sadly, 90% of the one’s you will find WON’T fit your bike. The typically don’t clear a “fatty”(wide 7” rear wheel). They almost always end up hitting your wheel. If they don’t hit your wheel then the hanger bracket doesn’t line up. Here is some keywords to search for ones that most likely will fit. This search is catered towards 150cc engines. The 50cc sadly doesn’t have any aftermarket selection. So, again 150cc riders search, “gy6 yoshi”, “gy6 hotlap”. Those are your 2 biggest exhaust options. You can also search on facebook for “Savage Custom Exhaust”. He makes quality custom exhaust for bikes. Before you post in the group asking “does this fit”. No, it doesn’t so don’t bother. You will notice yoshi and hotlap along with save custom exhaust all are made to clear a fatty. It sucks, but it’s part of the game.

As for TRIKES, so far yoshi and hotlap fit fine, savage custom exhaust are custom made so be sure to let him know it’s a trike, likely have to take photos and measurements.

You can get multiple colors for your fuel lines online. Check our vendors page and browse their inventory for color options.

Fuel/Vacuum line – 1/4″

This goes from the fuel tank to the fuel pump

3/16″ Fuel/Vacuum line for all other lines and hoses.

Uni is the go to for air filters.

150cc 28-30mm Carb – 50mm Filter

150cc Stock Crab – 42-44mm Filter

50cc Stock Carb – 38mm




You DO NOT mix oil & Gas. In fact the best gas for your bike is Ethanol free. You can download an app to find local gas stations that have this available. Little more in price but you’re spending less than $5 to fill your bike up. If you don’t use non ethanol then premium is the way to go. Do NOT use regular unleaded, so premium, ethanol free or push it.

Check out Buddy Depots website HERE, they have an awesome calculator for 150cc engine options. Keep in mind a GY6″B” case is NOT what comes stock on Maddogs. It is an aftermarket engine case made by Taida and is required to go over 205cc. If you’re looking at buying a DROP IN meaning NO boring of your case be sure to verify it is indeed a drop in kit. Some 170cc and anything over 170cc kits require the engine to be torn apart and bored out with a machining tool. This is more common on 180cc+ size engines but alot of 170cc kits are NOT drop in kits and require boring also.

Transmission Oil 75w-90

Engine Oil use 15w-40.  750ml for 150cc and 500ml for 50cc.

50cc (Maddogs have extra long gy6 case) = 788-18-30
150cc = 842-20-30

Valve “lash” is the technical name for the gap between the valve and tappet. The lash is critical to a healthy running engine. Too little lash and you’ll see starting problems and reliability issues. Too much lash will reduce power and potentially ruin the valve.

If you’ve just replaced the camshaft, make sure it’s properly timed. You’ll need a set of 0.004″ and 0.005″ feeler gauges, and a 9mm wrench. Intake 0.004″ and Exhaust 0.005″

Stroked engines not only have a larger displacement than a stock engine, but there is also a greater amount of torque produced per additional CC when compared to only a bigger bore. This is because a stroker crank produces more leverage than a stock crank. Think of it like this, it is much easier to remove a stubborn rusty bolt with big wrench than with a small wrench, right? A bigger wrench will take that bolt off easier because your hand travels in a larger diameter circle, resulting in more torque being applied directly to that stubborn bolt. It’s all about leverage and the same principle applies to the crank shaft of your buggy. A longer stroke means that the piston (your hand) has an easier time turning the crankshaft (the wrench) and ultimately the rear tires (the bolt).

The reason displacement is so important in engine design is that in general there is a direct relation between the amount of displacement, and the amount of power ultimately produced by the engine. There are a lot of other factors, but as the old saying goes: “there’s no replacement for displacement!”

Just like when measuring the internal volume of any cylinder (like a can of Cola, which is 355cc by the way), displacement of an engine is determined by the bore size (diameter) and stroke length (depth). Bore size is simply a measure of the piston diameter. The stroke length is how far the piston itself travels inside of the cylinder. For example, the standard bore of a 150cc GY6 piston is 57.4 millimeters, and the piston travels 58 millimeters within the cylinder every cycle.

The more displacement an engine has, the more air and fuel mixture it can suck in from the carburetor. The more gas and air you can confine into a space and ignite, the bigger the boom! This translates to more power at the wheels of your buggy. The internal volume of the engine can be upped by either increasing the bore or the stroke sizes. While these both do the same thing, they are not created equal. This leads us to the next point…

The size of a piston-driven gasoline engine is measured by displacement of it’s internal combustion chamber. The term displacement literally refers to the volume of space the combustion chamber “displaces”, and is usually measured in cubic centimeters (cc’s).

Tire & Wheel

If you’re experiencing tire wobble or some tire vibration try getting some Dyna beads. Can’t promise this will fix your issue but they’re save to use on your bike and worth a shot. Haven’t seen enough people have their tires balanced to say it made a difference. Stock front tire is known to be crap. You can always replace it for little money.

If you’re like others who have had to replace your front bearing you can purchase it here.
Front Wheel Bearing “Buy Here”

Stock Maddogs and most hubs use M10 x 1.25 for both 50cc and 150cc engines. Check where you’re purchasing your wheel, ebay, amazon and more for options.
(Mojo Hubs use M12 x 1.5)

Yes, you may think you can find a cheap nice golf cart 12×7 wheel to replace yours. A maddogs offset is odd causing most wheels to not fit correctly. So, let’s not waste your time. You can however get wheels from www.MachinedMachines.com. They will require you to get new hubs. A stock maddog front wheel has it’s hub built in to the wheel itself. Custom wheels are douglas blanks that are then put into a CNC machine and custom cut. Before you wonder how much, by now you should know you have to pay to play.

So you want wheels? Okay, for everything maddog pre- GenIV you have a 12×7 wheel. You will need a front hub for the front wheel and a rear wheel hub. (You CANNOT use your stock rear hub so get over it). You will also need the spacers since a maddogs tree is wider than a ruckus you will have a gap. Contact www.monstergy6.com for the spacer maddog kit.

Rear 140/70/12, 130/70/12, Front 120/70/12, 110/70/12. Both front and rear are 12″ wheels. Warning on the front tire if you decide to go 110 you will indeed feel every bump in the road. Lower that front number is the more “Low Profile” look you will have.

2 Wheel/ Front: 12″ Rear: 12×7 (If you choose to use a 12×8 you will be off centered by an inch on the stock engine mount)

Trike/ Front: 12″ Rear: 14×7 (Trikes are different. You’re welcome to use down to a 12 but for it looks really small. Suggest 13″ as the smallest size. Your width doesn’t matter much, the trike has room so for example a 14×8, 13×8 or even 14×6 if you prefer the skinnier look. So for size 13″ or 14″ and for width 6″ to 8″.

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