Trickle Charge Install

A  much easier way to keep your battery always charged is to go this route, however if you have the other parts available already then go that route. Or follow the first one for a cleaner and more useful setup since it also allows you to use USB for your phone.
USB Quick Connect


Or do this.

This is a great way to keep your battery maintained.

First thing grab a cheap trickle charger from Harbor Freight

Cut off the ends and install a regular 12 volt dc plug

12 volt plug, 12V plug

Should look like this

Install a dc accessory outlet. I decided to flush mount it into my Battery Box. Connect the leads directly to the positive and negative battery leads.

Installed and working

As soon as you plug in the connector the power goes straight to your battery. So after you are done riding, pull up and plug it in and keep your battery maintained.

Contributor: Cobie Szigety

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