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Install Bar-End Mirrors

  What’s up guys.. here’s another quick How to guide.. If you buy these from Amazon be prepared they have no instructions. But luckily I was the test guru to write up a quick how to guide on this awesome upgrade.. If you hate the stock rearview mirrors as much […]

Fuel Mixture

  At least once a day someone asks “How can I tell if my carburetor is tuned right” or something similar.  To be honest, the question is usually more like “What the hell is wrong with this piece of crap scooter”? but we are going to start this tutorial under […]

Shorter Stock Exhaust

  Contributed by: Vincent Bessette   First thing you need to do is take off the exhaust bracket and swingarm.It will look like this. Take the muffler off of the header and take a drill and drill out the factory rivets. Then take off the tip of the muffler. Take […]

Improving Stock Headlights

  Contributed by Johnny Flettrich Jr. Start off by taking the light bezel off. Use a grinder with a cutting blade. I used a 4″ blade. Grind off the grille Paint Stripper Use a wire brush to help get the paint off Paint Stripped off String it up to be […]

Dirty Air Suspension

Contributor: Michael Garza   So first things first! THIS IS ALL THE STUFF YOU ARE GOING TO NEED: 1X “dirty air” budget DIY kit: … ilders-kit 1X each 18g auto wire (buy red and black):[/color] RED: BLACK: 1X electrical tape: 2X 4FT shrink tube: 3/16″: […]

Lowering Front Forks

  *******UPDATE…I have since removed my springs completely and I personally believe the ride is much better for me. Also you will probably have to cut down the kick stand. Modify your scooter how you see fit for your purposes ********* Get your t60 torx here. … 108&sr=8-1 First […]

Adding A Chin Bone

How to install the Chin Bone from Rucksters Step one.. Go here and order… Chin Bone Next step… Remove the battery box and locate this.. This will need to be drilled out a little for the top of the chin bone to mount through.. install the top mounting bracket with supplied […]

Alarm/Remote Start

  This is the easiest install. Simple plug and play for the Icebear Maddog. I was hesitant for the price and quality but highly surprised how well this worked. Motorcycle Alarm For $30 bucks you can’t go wrong. Take apart your battery box and find this plug on your harness. […]

Adjusting Air/Fuel Mixture

  AIR/FUEL MIXTURE ADJUSTMENT: Adjusting the CVK carburetor found on most GY6 engines is pretty easy, but you have to have a couple things sorted out before you start or it’s a waste of time.  The valves must be adjusted properly (.004” intake, .005” exhaust) and you must have a […]

Going from 50cc to 150cc swap

  Contributor: Keith Barnes and Cobie Szigety This will be brief for now but I will get back into it and update as much as possible.. Step one.. Buy a weld on mount : or . The weld on mount is the only motor mount that works with Chucks. Step two.. Buy […]