Install Integrated Tail-Light


This How-To for for Integrated taillights

Here is the wring on a Stock Maddog and Trike

Wiring Scheme

Stock wire colors on Maddog.

Ground – Solid Green

Running – Yellow

Brake – Green w/ Stripe

Blue – Right Turn

Orange – Left Turn


Check the wiring diagram that came with your new light and match everything up.  Use good quality butt connectors or solder and heat shrink for long lasting connections.

Just for reference

just disconnect those two long ground cables that were running to your turn signals.. You won’t need them..

So those L brackets that I was talking about.. Get some vice grips and bend two to the same angle..take out the screw from the lights and replace with the L bracket and the L Bracket screws that come with the brackets..

The one on the far end is what comes stock you will need to bend two for the install..

Make sure to put some locktite in the hole for the light and in the seat to ensure a good stick..

Once there bent and installed

and the R6 install

Contributors: Keith Barnes and Cobie Szigety

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