Trail Tech Vapor Install


Contributor: Cobie Szigety


First you will need the Vapor speedo. part numbers are Siver 75-603. Black 752-603. These are the part numbers for the models used in this how to. If you buy another part number the install may be different.

Silver version

Trail Tech Vapor Computer

Black version

And for the cleanest look. Get the this mounting setup

Vapor Dashboard

The first thing you need to do is bend the metal piece of the Vapor Dashboard flat. It’s tough but can be done. Then you need to trim it to fit where the stock gauges mount.

Like this.


Hardest part for me what’s the speedo cable. There really is no place to put the pick up sensor. I screwed the sensor to the bottom of the fork. It works perfectly. But if you have a better way let me know. The red circle is the magnet sensor.
Note: The wheel diameter for settings is 1476



For tach signal you just run a wire to the sparkplug cable and wrap the wire around the cable. Then tape to make sure it doesn’t unravel.


Finished product.

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