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Maddog's come in two different engine sizes yet same engine type. Commonly known as a Gy6 engine these small bore engines come in 50cc and 150cc. A 50cc will typically go 35mph stock as where a 150cc will go near 50mph. These engines are likes horses, some just come faster than others. Look into big bore kits for more mph.


Relatively easy to learn and care for these engines are simple to work on and even easier to up keep. Just like any lawn mower, you let it sit too long and gas will go bad in your lines causing your carb to clog. Regular oil changes, battery care, belt checks and most importunately running the bike will keep your bike stress free. However, as any small bore engine things do arise time to time.

The Community

There's no other community of riders like the ChuckusLife family, our facebook group is 5,000+ members strong. We can guarantee there's nothing that has or will happen to you that someone hasn't already been through and fixed. Rest assured apart from the place you buy, the community has your back.

The Term Clone

The Maddog design like many others was built off of the Honda Ruckus modified stretched design. It is a Chinese clone of what otherwise would be a very expensive bike build. Ruckus builds can reach thousands to get your desired look. Maddogs are a great start that already come stretched and with your desired engine size. No modifications needed other than what you desire it to be.

Other Makes/Models
There is other makes and models designed after the stretched Honda Ruckus. For example, Bash and many other companies have made their own version. Icebear has continued to improve and come out on top each time with their Maddog design. Affordable, reliable and pre built design is our #1 choice. Be sure to visit IceBears Website for more details.
We've compiled the best of the best when it comes to purchasing your first Maddog bike, to custom parts and custom builds. Head over to our vendors page to learn a little more on who are our ChuckusLife go to vendors. Scroll down to view more on purchasing your bike and hopefully welcome to the family.

So where do you buy?

Here's some details on the community's go to vendor

Maddog Pricing

Cajun offers the most competitive pricing and incentives around which is also backed by best in the industry service, making them the go to choice for purchasing ANY Icebear product. Be sure to call and ask about any specials they may be running.


Located in Gretna, Louisiana just outside of New Orleans Cajun offers in house pickup or shipped to your door. Whether you plan on picking up your bike personally or receiving free shipping with lift gate service you're in good hands.


U.S. Volume Sales/Service Leader


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ChuckusLife Recommended Dealer


What are our clients are saying about us?

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Eddie P. Kansas

Huge thanks to Alan Adams and the guys over at Cajun Maddogs, my Gen 4 got here today! Got a few things left to do but it should be ready to go by tomorrow. DO NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE FOR YOUR MADDOG! Go straight to Alan and you seriously will not be sorry!!!

Chad L. Kansas

Thank you Alan at Cajun Maddogs. I had an issue with my maddog trike last week, oil spilling everywhere. He worked with me for a few days to remedy the problem and it’s now fixed. He really does go out of his way for his customers. Huge thanks.

Jeff H. Pennsylvania

Huge thank you to Alan Adams and Cajun Maddogs for all the support and the AMAZING service. He truly goes above and beyond in every imaginable way. And a thank you to all you Chuckus Life members.


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