Install New Handlebars

Link to handlebars.

For this How To you will need new 7/8 inch bars and new grips.

First thing you need to do is remove the controls and levers off the stock bars. The Phillips head screws that hold these on are very easily stripped out so be careful.

Next remove these 4 Allen bolts holding the bars on.

The stock bars have little guide holes to set the controls into. Your new bars will not have these holes. Pics for reference.

Little tabs.

There’s are 2 ways of dealing with this. The choice is yours. You can drill a new hole in your new bars or grind the nubs down and wrap your bars in one layer of electrical tape for the controls to “bite” into.

Mount up your new bars.

Cut off your old grips so you can install your new grips.

Button it all back up and enjoy your new bars.

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