Single Sided Swingarm


Contributor: Cobie Szigety

This is how to remove the large bracket on the right side of the bike.


*****Now we always suggest to get the Hub and Short axle from MonsterGY6 to go single sided. Be it you have a 50cc or 150cc. Its just much safer. That being said heres the free way.


Remove bolts holding the muffler straps


Remove studs from muffler


Muffler removed, now remove the two bolts holding the bracket to the motor and also remove the shock


Using an extension, remove this nut


It’s going to take some force to get it off, but just yank and pull hard.

If you don’t install a short axle, you’ll need to save the bearings to use as spacers.

Either getting a Long axle spacer or using the bearings and washers to go all the way out to the threads.

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