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Push Button Start
Push Button Eliminate your start button and use a push to start Take off your stock switch panel. It will
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Carburetor Adjustment Find out how to adjust your carb correctly If there's any one component that's more likely to go
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150cc Short Hub/Short Axle
This article is for 150cc GY6 Long case motors only, 50cc GY6 users looking for hub and axle options go
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50cc Rear Wheel
To run aftermarket rear wheels on a 50cc Maddog you have a couple of options. 1st option is to get
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50cc Performance Upgrades
50cc Maddogs go +/- 35mph depending on the day, altitude…mood? of your scooter. Heres a few options to get you
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50cc Hub and Axle
Currently MonsterGy6 is the only company that offers Hubs and Short axles for the 50cc Maddog. Their kit allows you
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Do This First
This is an overview of some of the first things you should look into when getting your scooter. Anything from
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Trickle Charge Install
A  much easier way to keep your battery always charged is to go this route, however if you have the
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Trail Tech Vapor Install
  Contributor: Cobie Szigety   First you will need the Vapor speedo. part numbers are Siver 75-603. Black 752-603. These
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Single Sided Swingarm
  Contributor: Cobie Szigety This is how to remove the large bracket on the right side of the bike.  
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