Do This First

This is an overview of some of the first things you should look into when getting your scooter. Anything from preventative maintenance to parts and tools. Most of the things touched base in this article will eventually have a more in depth tutorial on this site to help you along the way.


First things first… Just got the new scooter and it came in a crate? Here is how to assemble it…


Next, here are just a few of the reputable sources for custom parts


So you just got your Maddog. Thinking life is grand. Well here are some things I suggest you do right away.

1. First thing you should do is change your oil. The cheap Chinese oil that it comes preloaded with is garbage. Seriously I’ve heard reports of then using fish oil, mineral oil or basically anything they have lying around. I use Castrol 15w-40 but use your preference.


No matter what your oil preference it should be changed more often then not. Every 600-800 miles is a good rule of thumb. Here is video to show you how easy it is.


2. Also you should change your gear oil. I use Semi Synthetic 75w-90.



3. It would be very wise to replace all fuel and vacuum lines are once again the Chinese ones aren’t great quality.

1/4″ Fuel/Vacuum Line

This goes from fuel tank to the fuel pump

3/16″ Fuel/Vacuum Line


4. A good quality spark plug is a wise choice. The NGK Regular and Iridium. Start with the Regular, and honestly I’d buy about 10 of these because they work best. Plus if you are tuning your scoot you’ll be blowing through these anyways. Then once you are all tuned you can upgrade to an Iridium.

NGK Iridium Plug

NGK Regular Plug



5. Belts, a good quality Kevlar or Aramid belt is good to have. Also good to always have spares on hand.

50cc Size 788-18-30

150cc Size 842-20-30 and/or 835-20-30



6. Battery, May as well buy one now before you need it. The Factory ones these scooters come with are junk and are only made for initial start up purposes.

Mighty Max YTX9-BS Battery


7. An impact gun is a must. Can’t take off the variator or clutch without one. This Harbor Freight special works just fine.

1/2″ Impact Wrench

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