Adding A Chin Bone

How to install the Chin Bone from Rucksters

Step one.. Go here and order… Chin Bone

Next step… Remove the battery box and locate this..

This will need to be drilled out a little for the top of the chin bone to mount through..

install the top mounting bracket with supplied screws and nuts..

Screw on the actual chin bone..

Next, Drill a hole in the center of the support beam and install the “bottom” bracket with the supplied screws..

Next place the chin bone into the bottom bracket and install the last nut and bolt to see how it looks :)

Now the hard part.. (Oh wait I already did it for you)
Using a ruler measure from the center of the box at the first bend down about 1 3/4 of an inch and use this circle saw bit to make your hole..

If you have a 1 1/4 it may make for a more snug fit… once the hole is cut remove the bolt at the bottom bracket and slide your battery box up and your done!!

The Chassis bar is not only for looks but for added structural integrity for high torque motors like the 163-232.. If you have a 50 there is no actual need for this unless you just want a different look. Hope this helps someone out!

Contributor: Keith Barnes

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