Alarm/Remote Start


This is the easiest install. Simple plug and play for the Icebear Maddog.

I was hesitant for the price and quality but highly surprised how well this worked.

Motorcycle Alarm


For $30 bucks you can’t go wrong.

Take apart your battery box and find this plug on your harness. It is snapped to a red plug.

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Now the horn has a 2 way tape on the back of it.


I no longer use my stock horn so I stuck it to the horn to save some space. And ran the wire to to the back/front side depending how you look at it of the battery cage.ba75f32e73bf7db780cc26be86894adbI used the 2 way tape on the box and stuck it on the cage. Fit perfectly. This is a great spot because the harness isn’t really long enough to put it elsewhere.

Now huge *WARNING*

This system works like it should for our bikes. The alarm works great. Not overly sensitive or anything. However the remote start also works but for those of us with NCY Throttle and elminated the kill switch. When you remote start and the bike starts running, turning the key will not allow the bike to die. You will need to wire something up for a kill switch or else you will be stuck with a bike you can’t shut off.

That’s it. Quick, easy and painless. Enjoy!

Contributor: Jordan Lance Mendez
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