Shorter Stock Exhaust


Contributed by: Vincent Bessette


First thing you need to do is take off the exhaust bracket and swingarm.It will look like this.

Take the muffler off of the header and take a drill and drill out the factory rivets. Then take off the tip of the muffler.

Take the fiberglass packing and actual muffler out of the exhaust can.

After everything is taken out of the exhaust can. Mark where you want to cut and carefully cut the can the desired length you’d like. After the can is cut you can now cut the baffle and the fiberglass packing down to the correct size.


Now get yourself a rivet gun and some rivets

Hand Riveter


Put the can back together using the riveter.


Now that you have cut down your exhaust can you probably want to go single shock. This is how to make an exhaust bracket to hold your muffler using the stock bracket.

Take the factory bracket

Take your cutting wheel or sawzall and cut down the bracket.


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