Icebear Maddog Trike (Everything to know)

150cc Ice Bear Maddog Trike PST150-19N

So you’re either thinking about getting a maddog trike or have one. After having one for a year now and literally ripping it apart I can now finally answer some questions. Lets see Icebears specs first.

Engine Type Single Cylinder, 4-strokes
Cooling Air Cooled
Drive System BELT/CHAIN
Piston Displacement 149.6cc
Bore and Stroke 2.26 inches x 2.28 inches
Compression Ratio 10.3:1
Maximum Power 6.1/7500kw/r/min
Maximum Torque 9.3/6000N.m./rpm
Starter Electric / Kick
Transmission Automatic
Length 89.7 inches
Width 38.1 inches
Height 34.6 inches
Seat Height 22 inches
Wheelbase 68.9 inches
Ground Clearance 2.75 inches
Front Brake Disc
Rear Brake Disc
Front Tire 120/70-12
Rear Tire 270/30-14
Ignition CDI
Maximum Speed 49.7 mph
Gross Weight 375 lbs
Weight Capacity 355 lbs
Battery 12V/9Ah
Frame Steel
Packing Size 78.7 inches x 34.2 inches x 32.6 inches
Towing Capacity
Fuel Capacity 1.8 gal
Make of Tire (Front/Rear) yuanxing/qingda

Now lets answer the elephant in the room first. How fast does it go? 49.7mph as Icebear put is likely a 100 pound child with the wind to his back. Then again plenty of stock Maddog 2 wheels are faster than the one sitting next to it at the store so who knows. In my experience mine went about 45 wide open full throttle sounding like a dieing lion. In other words it was far from ideal. Imagine riding a 50cc, you know that long build up just to reach your top speed and the engine sounds like it’s ready to pass out? If you haven’t rode a 50cc then do yourself a favor and keep it that way. (150s for life!)

So let’s jump into the engine first. It’s your stock 150cc that comes on all maddogs. It has a long shaft that goes to a sprocket which then has a chain that reaches the rear sprocket and of course is what spins the rear wheels. If you’ve ever seen a gy6 4 wheeler then thats how it works.

Now we have a 150cc but we want more power of course. A solid CVT kit is always a solid investment.

Roller Weights:
If you don’t know the lighter roller weights are torque and the higher for top end speed. Configure your bike for you of course, heavier guy then lets worry about torque a little more. Nothing more embarassing than rolling backwards on a hill and not up it. Plenty of videos and articles are online to offer more info on what may be best for your setup when figuring out which rollers are best for you. Then again it’s all about personal preference and you should experiement with weights.

842-20-30 Is your belt size.

NCY Transmission Kit:
An NCY transmission kit will infact come with it’s own roller weights. (18×14 10s come in the kit) The kit will have a compression spring which you can change out also. Again the lower your torque spring the more torque and the higher for more top end. ( NCY kit comes with 1000rpm.) Then you will have smaller clutch springs which are on the clutch itself. (Not sure what they’re).

Then you have transmission gears that you can adjust. I won’t go into this much because you need to do some research. You have sprockets compared to most two wheels so I would look up gearing for a go kart gy6 and read up. It will vary depending on your sprocket teeth count.

Since we’re talking about sprockets here are the teeth count. Your engine shaft sprocket is a 19T. The sprocket driving the rear is 34T. (You will need to know this if you ever go to gear your trike correctly.)


Let’s start off on bolt on.

163cc – I’ve ran this setup on my trike for a couple days and was really happy. ( Note my engine also had NCY Transmission kit, Gears, Slide Carb.) I was pleased with the performance, speed and the fact I could bolt this on without boring the case. For the price and everything it comes with it’s a solid kit plenty of people have on their 2 wheels and did fine on the trike. Gave it that extra life it needed.

170cc – For awhile Cobie Szigety was selling Taida kits on Facebook that required no bore of the case and gave solid performance. One or two people have put this kit on a trike and loved it. If you don’t know Taida is top notch quality when it comes to Gy6. Be careful with other kits that are 170cc as alot of them require you to bore the case. If you don’t know then ask us on Facebook with a link to the one you’re trying to buy.

180cc (Bore Required) – This will require you to pull apart the engine case and machine the case for the larger piston to fit. If you’re thinking this is ideal for you then get on Facebook and search for David Bullock or Chad Caro. Each can bore and get you the parts you need. This will cost you more of course as we go higher in cc’s.

187cc (Bore Required) – This is a 180cc but adding a stroker crank (What drives the piston) and of course cost more but gives more torque. Again, David Bullock or Chad Caro on Facebook.

205cc (Bore Required) – Now we’re jumping up in cost simple due to from here and up you will need Taida parts. As I said they’re top quality so of course it cost more. If you haven’t seen my bike specifically (Big Botty Judy) that was built by Chad Caro, Johnny Flettrick Jr and my 205cc Engine from David Bullock then you’re missing out. (Shoutout) However my bike is setup for torque but i still go about 65mph on my trike. It is a force to be reconed with.

232cc (Bore Required) – Alright calm down speed racer you won’t even be able to turn at this point on a trike.

As for everything engine it only matters what you’re trying to accomplish. Up hill? Speed? Torque? Racing? Just remember it’s who gets to the finish line first. 80Mph is cool until the guy who took off 10x faster gets there before you.


You can google the difference between Cvk Carbs vs Flat Side Carbs. If you get a kit from David Bullock or Chad Caro I highly suggest you spend a few dollars extra and get a properly tuned carb to save yourself troubles.


This is a tricky subject, some exhaust you see look great. Problem is you now have a wheel where most exhaust exit.

What WON’T Work:

This exhaust is great but it’s design makes the muffler hit your rear wheel. It’s very popular on the two wheel bikes but unless you bend up the pipe it won’t fit. You will either need something overhead or that comes up the side.

What Will Work:
(Not Recommended for BBK due to lack of back pressure)
(This header with a bracket and some sort of muffler would work)

(Here is a few good options for mufflers that are higher quality than typical ebay)

*Disclaimer* These should and i stress SHOULD all be fine on a trike. If you don’t know or find one on ebay or etc that you’re curious if they might fit please ask on our Facebook Group.

You have a 12″ wheel in the front (120/70-12 Tire) and two 14″ (270/30-14 Tires) on the rear.

As for replacing your tires with round tires compared to the stock flat tires. You’re looking at 140/60/14 tires.,B00JMOSI22,B00AJPDKK8,B00AS7L28Y

Let me break this down for you so you’re not running around looking to get custom wheels cut for your trike. As for now Casey Jack ( is the only one who can cut 14’s. The problem is they have to be 2 peice wheels. No big deal right expect when you get to 14’s the price of a wheel alone before he even cuts it is about $350 if i remember correctly. By all means you can spend $1,000 on wheels if you so choose. You need 2 rears and a matching front plus the hub for your front.

However some people have found ATV wheels to work but i haven’t seen in person or experimented with this enough to give links on what will work. You could however request Casey to cut you a matching front to match your stock rears which would spice things up a bit. I can provide that much. Either message him on facebook ( Casey Jack ) or Email: Phone: 480-442-5550

You will need a front wheel about lets say $225 and a front hub $125.

Front Hub 4/90 – GY6 or GET

Also will need the maddog spacer kit from I believe you need to message him for that on Facebook as Steven Gee. $35 I believe.

The stock shocks seem to be just fine. They’re the same design as the RFY shocks. It appears every color comes with the same Silver colored rear shocks with the canister on them (Does Not Hold Air). You could always change these if you wanted. If i had to guess they’re 12.5″ 320mm shocks but take a measuring tape to it and see before ordering replacements. For some other color options.

The trike already comes with an extended seat so no other option is available. You can however get with on getting your seat wrapped as they offer plenty of different patterns. Some even on the website.

If you’re looking to add the trike speed gauge to your two wheel then be sure to also get the harness.

If you’re looking for other options and okay with giving up your gas gauge then Cajun Maddogs can help.

Like the newer Gen Maddogs the trike comes with the same caged bug eyed headlights but this time with LED bulbs attached for better visibility. There is plenty of options for headlight replacements if you go that route. For example.

Zen Customs Led Light Bracket

Single LED Bracket.
LED Light

Garbage, they’re cheap and I was not impressed. Do yourself a favor and get new ones or even better a NCY Bearing Throttle with grips included.

The frame is so identical to the Icebear Maddog (PMZ150-19N) that they even left the kick stand welded on in case you’re worried about your bike falling over. Meaning if you found something that bolts onto a maddog two wheel then it should fit a trike. They also added a set of rear pegs that are welded on where the seat frame meets the main frame.

I like to call the trike in 2 sections. FRONT Frame being the main and the REAR frame being the trike extension. The Front frame as I mentioned is your regular two wheel frame and could literally unbolt the rear and throw on a two wheel mount and have yourself a two wheel. Would simply undo your rear disc break, carb, shocks, and finally the engine mount and your entire rear would slide out.

Put one of these on with an engine and wheel and you got yourself a stock two wheel.

Don’t forget the swing arm or short axle if you have an aftermarket wheel.

****Everything here should be taken with common sense and the understanding that I have no idea what I’m talking about so don’t blame me if you mess something up. This is here for educational purposes and nothing more than to let people know what to expect and what they should know before buying one or what will/won’t work on a trike.

Jordan L. Mendez (Big Booty Judy Trike)

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