50cc Maddogs go +/- 35mph depending on the day, altitude…mood? of your scooter. Heres a few options to get you a little more oomph.

Big Bore Kits

50cc Big Bore Kits come in 80cc(which is actually 72cc) and 100cc(which is 81.3cc). Both kits are direct bolt ons and work with supporting mods. Only one thing to note is some people have experienced overheating with the 100cc kit because the cylinder walls are thinner. So if you are buying for your daily driver…go for the 80cc. All maddogs use 69mm valves


80cc(72cc) kit

72cc Big Bore Kit with Cam



100cc big bore kit with cam

100cc Big Bore Kit with Big Valve Head



Most kits come with a cam but if yours didnt or you want a little more top end power you can install a Cam

50cc Camshaft


Now when you install any big bore kit you will need to UP JET your carb. You can up jet your stock carb or get a nice performance carb to compliment your new big bore kit

This carb has been used successfully by many of our members

20mm carb for 50cc-100cc

$_12 (15)

Jetting. You need to up jet depending on the modifications you do, New Exhaust? upjet. Big bore kit? Upjet

50cc-100c jet kit

$_12 (16)


Unfortunately the 50cc maddogs don’t have many exhaust options. Its not that there are a limit of gy6 50cc exhausts…is the fact they dont clear the Maddog Fatty rear wheel. That being said MonsterGY6 has made a great header and full system for the 50cc Maddog.

50cc Exhausts

header_slash (1)




CDI and Coil

A cdi works to raise the rev limiter.

Cdi and Coil




Best plug to run on the gy6 scoots is the NGK CR7HSA




Transmission Kits. Some will say this is the best bang for your buck you can get…and I agree! I cant say which one is better than the other so pick the one you like best.

NCY 50cc Transmission Kit


Hoca 50cc Transmission Kit

$_12 (17)


THE POOR MANS TRANSMISSION KIT…Now this is no where near as good as the NCY or HOCA kit but its definitely an improvement,

Clutch with Red springs already installed

$_12 (18)


Yellow Main Spring


KOSO Variator   6g and 7g rollers seem to work the best for most people

$_12 (20)


Rear Tire. The stock square tire slows down the scoot considerably. Choose a quality 140-70-12 or 130-70-12 rear tire. Not only will its improve speed, it will ride better and corner better.

140-70-12 tire



$_12 (21)




$_12 (21)




$_12 (12)