150cc Short Hub/Short Axle

This article is for 150cc GY6 Long case motors only, 50cc GY6 users looking for hub and axle options go HERE.

If you have just swapped over to a single shock and want a new wheel, you’re going to want a new Short Axle and a Hub.

150cc Short Axle

First, before choosing a hub, you need to pick a wheel and choose the hub with the appropriate bolt pattern. For help with wheel choices, check out our Rear Wheels tutorial. Depending on what wheel you get will determine the bolt pattern hub you get. All though they are “universal” it’s best to get the bolt pattern you want with pressed 12mm studs. That way you have a lot more options for custom lug nuts. If you have to press out the studs and use the alternate holes, they are threaded 10mm, which there isn’t jack shit for custom lug nut options. Just keep that in mind when choosing hub and wheel combos. With that being said, companies like MonsterGY6 only makes wheels with 10mm lug holes.

There are couple options available for hubs.

150cc GY6 Hub 4×110

150cc GY6 Hub 4×102

150cc GY6 Hub 4×4

MonsterGY6 can now machine the stock Maddog hub to fit aftermarket wheels for $75. Contact Steven Gee on the Facebook group or check out www.MonsterGy6.com

MonsterGy6 also carries short axles for both the 50cc and 150cc


Here is the differences between stock 150cc maddog hub and aftermarket gy6 hub. As you can tell the maddog hub is much taller to make up for the fact that the factory rim isn’t a true 3+4 offset. Therefor pushing an aftermarket 3+4 offset rim about a half inch to the right.

Here is an example of a stock Maddog wheel installed on an aftermarket hub. The maddog wheel is not 3+4 so it hits the shock

Here are the differences in the Short axle and Long axle.

Here is an easy video on how to install a Short Axle

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