Gen IV Fatty Tire Swap

Maddog Gen IV comes with a skinnier tire than previous models. A popular question is can I fit a 12×7 on it? The answer is yes and in return we have some photos on how it’s done. It’s fairly simple and doesn’t require much. Take note that one Chuckuslife Member […]


Icebear Maddog Trike (Everything to know)

150cc Ice Bear Maddog Trike PST150-19N So you’re either thinking about getting a maddog trike or have one. After having one for a year now and literally ripping it apart I can now finally answer some questions. Lets see Icebears specs first. Engine Type Single Cylinder, 4-strokes Cooling Air Cooled […]


Push Button Start

Take off your stock switch panel. It will look like this. You will need to switch the kill switch into the position that allows the scooter to start. Once you have done that you can now cut those wires. and tape them up. You will no longer have the kill […]



If there’s any one component that’s more likely to go out of adjustment on your scooter (especially perhaps your Chinese scooter!), it’s the carburetor. If it does go out of adjustment lots of things can happen. It can make the scooter hard to start, it can make the scooter slow […]

150cc Short Hub/Short Axle

This article is for 150cc GY6 Long case motors only, 50cc GY6 users looking for hub and axle options go HERE. If you have just swapped over to a single shock and want a new wheel, you’re going to want a new Short Axle and a Hub. 150cc Short Axle […]

50cc Rear Wheel

To run aftermarket rear wheels on a 50cc Maddog you have a couple of options. 1st option is to get the Monstergy6 12×8 hub kit and a 12×8 wheel. This is a very good kit And runs the rear true centered. Another option so you can run a 12×7 3+4 […]

50cc Performance Upgrades

50cc Maddogs go +/- 35mph depending on the day, altitude…mood? of your scooter. Heres a few options to get you a little more oomph. Big Bore Kits 50cc Big Bore Kits come in 80cc(which is actually 72cc) and 100cc(which is 81.3cc). Both kits are direct bolt ons and work with […]

50cc Hub and Axle

Currently MonsterGy6 is the only company that offers Hubs and Short axles for the 50cc Maddog. Their kit allows you to run a 12×8 wheel completely centered with a safe short axle. MonsterGy6 states that a 12×8 wheel is the only way to run it centered so they do not […]

Do This First

This is an overview of some of the first things you should look into when getting your scooter. Anything from preventative maintenance to parts and tools. Most of the things touched base in this article will eventually have a more in depth tutorial on this site to help you along […]

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