Whats my wheel size and tire size?

Rear 140/70/12, 130/70/12, Front 120/70/12, 110/70/12. Both front and rear are 12″ wheels. Warning on the front tire if you decide to go 110 you will indeed feel every bump in the road. Lower that front number is the more “Low Profile” look you will have.

2 Wheel/ Front: 12″ Rear: 12×7 (If you choose to use a 12×8 you will be off centered by an inch on the stock engine mount)

Trike/ Front: 12″ Rear: 14×7 (Trikes are different. You’re welcome to use down to a 12 but for it looks really small. Suggest 13″ as the smallest size. Your width doesn’t matter much, the trike has room so for example a 14×8, 13×8 or even 14×6 if you prefer the skinnier look. So for size 13″ or 14″ and for width 6″ to 8″.