Can I put on an aftermarket wheel?

Yes, you may think you can find a cheap nice golf cart 12×7 wheel to replace yours. A maddogs offset is odd causing most wheels to not fit correctly. So, let’s not waste your time. You can however get wheels from They will require you to get new hubs. A stock maddog front wheel has it’s hub built in to the wheel itself. Custom wheels are douglas blanks that are then put into a CNC machine and custom cut. Before you wonder how much, by now you should know you have to pay to play.

So you want wheels? Okay, for everything maddog pre- GenIV you have a 12×7 wheel. You will need a front hub for the front wheel and a rear wheel hub. (You CANNOT use your stock rear hub so get over it). You will also need the spacers since a maddogs tree is wider than a ruckus you will have a gap. Contact for the spacer maddog kit.